About GENIE CSOs Project

Gender Enabling Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) for climate ventures (GENIE CSOs for climate ventures)

As discussed much across the globe, only a society which enables and empowers its women to realize their full potential can achieve significantly in innovation development, economic growth and job creation. Many studies have also shown that women’s participation and contribution to a country’s growth could significantly boost its GDP. Innovation and Entrepreneurship promotion among women remains critical to improve their economic participation and empowerment.

The Civil Society Organizations, being close to the ground realities are vital and well positioned in supporting and handholding the aspiring women in effectively surmounting the societal and cultural barriers, for realizing their entrepreneurship dreams. Without CSO’s active participation women entrepreneurship promotion will remain hugely challenged. So, it is critical to improve the capacities of women focused civil society organizations in innovation and entrepreneurship promotion to serve our women community better.

Our European Union supported GENIE project aims to systematically identify and address the challenges and capacity gaps of women focused CSOs, to productively engage in social enterprise promotion in climate change areas, through specifically designed capacity development actions, incubation support, ICT tools and other essential business incubation supports.

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The EU project endeavors to leverage the actual performance of women CSOs further, with a National level Network approach, synergistic partnerships, enabling platforms and eco-systems.

This cogent, collaborative and multidimensional approach of the project, shall bring the power of collective leverage, facilitating access to more resources, favorable regulatory frameworks and achieve sustainability and performance leverage of women CSOs.