About GENIE CSOs Project

with support of the European Union, TREC-STEP has initiated this GENIE CSOs for Climate Ventures project to harness the strengths and extensive reach of CSOs in the community, for creating synergies with Government of India’s and other global initiatives in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with focus on Women, specifically in Climate areas. GENIE project aims to systematically identify and address the challenges and capacity gaps of women focused CSOs, to productively engage in social enterprise promotion in climate change areas, through specifically designed capacity development actions, incubation support, ICT tools and other essential business incubation supports.

Mission Director Speaks
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Objectives of this project

TREC-STEP with the support of European Union has initiated this unique project to strengthen and scale-up a network of select mainstream CSOs in Women development, to dedicatedly focus on climate change agenda, promoting women-led social ventures to usher in a transformative change in the lives of Women and Girls.

Major Highlights

  • National Network of Mainstream Women CSOs
  • Capacity Development Programs for CSOs and Women Entrepreneurs
  • Specialised ICT Platforms and digital tools for end-to-end support
  • Incubation of Women focused Social Ventures

CSOs Network

Building a National Network of 400 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working towards Women Empowerment.


Indian Business Incubators Association, ISBA, 2022

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Smart Incubator of
the Year 2022

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Felicitation by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2022

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How to join this first of its kind Woman focused enduring CSOs Network

Reach out to our TREC-STEP EU CSOs Project Mission Coordinator, today