TREC-STEP with the support of European Union has initiated this unique project to strengthen and scale-up a network of select mainstream CSOs in Women development, to dedicatedly focus on climate change agenda, promoting women-led social ventures to usher in a transformative change in the lives of Women and Girls.

Specific Objectives:

  • To identify and recognize, conducive mainstream CSOs in women and girls’ space, committed in principle to climate agenda, for scale-up.
  • To design, develop and implement intense capacity development programmes for the select CSOs, to enable their reach, scale-up and performance.
  • To develop information technology tools and support platforms, for enabling better access to more resources and furthering reach.
  • To provide comprehensive and professional incubation support and continuous escorting for more effective and targeted, social enterprise promotion.
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Main Activities

The spectrum of activity flows from organizing the select mainstream CSOs effectively, building their capacities differentially and enabling them with ICT platforms, access to resource networks, etc., productively engaging them in incubation and ensuring delivery with conviction and for tangible results in the form of social ventures and leveraging further with dissemination platforms and initiatives.

Activity Spectrum:

  • Development & Commissioning of a dedicated Network of Mainstream Women CSOs:
    • Baseline Surveys & studies on critical challenges & Women CSO performance inhibitors
    • Establishing rigorous criteria, instruments & processes for selection of CSO Network players
    • Women CSOs induction into the network with target performance milestones
    • Developing a Handbook for CSOs on women’s rights & rights-based approaches & dissemination.
  • Carry-out Capacity Development Programs for CSOs and Women Entrepreneurs.
    • Capacity needs assessment and Mapping study
    • Design of suitable Capacity Development programs for awareness, skill building, access to resources, social rights, entrepreneurship, venture incubation training, and other facets
  • Development of specialized ICT Platforms and digital tools for end-to-end support.
    • ICT / hand phone apps and platforms, requirement analysis
    • User-friendly tools development, pilot trials & continuous feedbacks for improvement
    • Training of Trainers and ensuring 100% beneficiary engagement
    • Design of robust Monitoring systems and dissemination to major stakeholders
  • Incubation of Women focused Social Ventures
    • Establishing a National Climate Incubation support system
    • Women Social Venture Challenges and Open Innovation Challenges and selection
    • Establishing incubation processes for Social ventures in climate space, entrepreneurship training, resource access, consolidating market linkages, mentoring, handholding, etc.
  • Development of multi-dimensional dissemination platforms
    • Benchmarking studies, study visits, documenting impact, success stories, multimedia tools, National & Regional Workshops, and Conferences, Policy maker’s interaction, etc.